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The Launch of Thriller 25, Rome, Italy.

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

We flew to Rome courtesy of MJFC-Italia and Sony BMG Italy for the launch of “Thriller 25”. The launch event was held at one of Italy’s most famous nightclubs, called Piper.

Sony BMG Italy and MJFC-Italia had collaborated to bring Navi over for the event. Piper hosted the evening with Sony BMG Italy, they decorated the venue with Thriller 25 flyers (produced by MJFC-Italia), posters and a large Thriller 25 cut out of Michael Jackson and the zombies – the same design as the zombie album cover.


Sony BMG Italy also had copies of the album and Thriller 25 t-shirts at hand. Throughout the night, videos of Michael Jackson were shown on the club screens.
The venue was extremely busy with approximately 800-1000 people, Navi came on stage around 12.30am and performed three songs off of the Thriller 25 album. The set began with Billie Jean, then Beat It and ended with the title track Thriller, to applause and a positive response from the club goers. Considering most of them were a younger audience ranging between 18-25, the majority watched intently and took photos and videos on their phones.
It was successfully received and they continued to party the night away to a remix of Thriller and Wanna be Starting Something. To complete the evening, Navi happily took photos with fans who wanted to remember the night, in front of the Thriller backdrop.

The Official Launch of Thriller 25 in London.

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

In connection with Sony BMG, we were asked to be part of the launch of Thriller 25 in HMV’s flagship store in Oxford Street in the morning of 11th February.

The plan for the day was for 25 Michael Jackson fans to dress up in Thriller and promote the launch in store, Navi was asked to front the crowd, he was dressed in black with a black Bad jacket and belt.

The group was asked to gather outside with a large sign in the background promoting the album. Navi walked through the crowd and took his place at the front, photos were taken outside the front of the store by paparazzi, TV crews, along with many fans and passersby.

Some of the dressed up fans were asked to step forward and dance a few moves of Michael. The dancers from Thriller Live and now the infamous “Thriller on the Tube”, lead by Remy Chambers, then stepped out of the crowd and danced the chorus of Thriller, after which they then disappeared into the crowd. Once they were finished outside, Navi went back into the store and took photos with fans and the public, he was further asked to take some promotional pictures, holding the LP of Thriller 25 and sorting through CD’s as if “Michael Jackson was in store looking for CD’s to buy”.

We then continued on to the second HMV store on Oxford Street to draw attention to the launch of Thriller 25 using a sketch that was created. Once again the Thriller Live dancers stepped forward to the sounds of Thriller being played outside in the street. As they danced the routine, Navi appears as a passerby who stops to watch them dance, once the music fades out and the dancers move away, Navi taps one of the dancers on the shoulder, as if to ask him to show him how the routine goes again. After a quick dance lesson they both walk off down the street discussing the thriller moves. A small crowd stood to watch what was happening.

The most important part of the day was to promote the launch of Thriller 25 and make it a continued success for Michael, 25 years on.

Navi’s Blog – Officially Launched!

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Navi’s blog has now been officially launched and opened!

Check back often to find out what Navi and his Team have been up to, if they are performing at a venue near you, and to get all of the latest news and info from Navi and his Team whilst out and about on the road, backstage, at Michael Jackson Fan Events and on tour!

There is no other place online where you can get this close to Navi, leave comments for Navi and his Team to view, respond to messages and posts online, helping you communicate and bringing you closer than ever before to The World’s Number One Michael Jackson Impersonator – Navi.

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